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Grass Juice – The Green Elixir
An article by Maria Kageaki, published in the “Paracelsus magazine”: EDITION 1/2020 (in German)

“For centuries, mystics, alchemists and healers have been on the search for a miraculous substance that transforms the body, provides good health, increases energy and vitality, boosts tranquillity and life force and maintains youth. Chlorophyll-rich juices with their abundance of nutrients could be a solution, as they can sustain and restore the basis for a healthy body.” Ms. Kageaki writes in this article. 
Furthermore, she writes: “Surprisingly, green leaves contain all nutrients, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and secondary phytochemicals that we need – in an ideal mixture. Together, they positively influence the acid-alkaline balance, promote oxygen supply in the body and support a healthy cell division. All of them are supporting pillars for stable health.” She criticizes however, that we can never meet our required amount of chlorophyll with a “small side salad”.

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Strengthening the immune system
An article by Quell, written by Maria Kageaki, published on 07.02.2020 (in German)

“During periods of heating, overheated rooms and much too dry air are a real challenge. The mucous membranes dry out and offer an ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.”

Besides other helpful tips, Ms. Kageaki writes about chlorophyll:
“Packed with nutrients, our body is not only equipped with a strong protective shield against stress and colds, but also all metabolic processes are functioning more smoothly, the body can buffer and eliminate acids and we feel emotionally balanced and happy too.”

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Holistic breast cancer treatments
An article by Anita-Juliane Winkler Green (biologist) and Patrick Ehler (healing counsellor), published in the “Paracelsus magazine”: EDITION 2/2019 (in German)

“Constantly rising breast cancer sickness rates, particularly in younger women, have increased the interest in exploring new diagnosis and therapy options, while at the same time neglecting the focus on fixing or preventing the root causes.” “Conventional, oftentimes very aggressive treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiation and amputation of the breast (mastectomy), merely address the symptomatic treatment of the knot and cannot guarantee a full holistic healing.” That’s what the two editors are saying.

Besides many other aspects that should be considered, Ms. Winkler Green and Mr. Ehler have put their main focus on plants and their healing benefits. Amongst other things, they outline the positive effects of wheatgrass and barley grass juices.
“Fresh, chlorophyll-rich foods in particular, support our body to return back to an oxygen-rich “anti-cancer-milieu”. “They promote oxygen transport in our veins, new blood cells can be created and the blood can be cleansed. Large quantities of chlorophyll, as well as valuable amino-acids can be supplied by wheat and barley grass juice: just 30 ml contain as many nutrients as 1 kg of leafy greens.”

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A healthy mouth
An article by Quell, written by Maria Kageaki, published on 16 November 2018 (in German)

“Nature has equipped us with a perfect set of teeth – a masterpiece. The teeth are the hardest substance in our body. Often, tooth problems are not just a local event, but indicate a broader imbalance in the body.” This is the first sentence of this article by Ms. Kageaki, in which she shares extremely helpful knowledge on how to keep our teeth healthy.

“Grass JUICE powder in raw food quality is a healthy alkaliser and a natural supplier of magnesium. Grüne Lichtkraft, which was created through various research and tests that we did for my book “Grass Juice – The Green Elixir”, is a spray-dried grass juice and therefore free from any fibre, so it can quickly be absorbed by the body. These chlorophyll-rich grass juices’ mineral density is virtually unmatched and helps in restoring an optimal milieu as fast as possible.” She writes about Grüne Lichtkraft, the mix of ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder.

You can read the full article under the above link and find out more about how your teeth can benefit from it, as well as many other useful tips by Ms. Kageaki.

Detox with the green elixir chlorophyll
An article by Maria Kageaki, published on “” on 20.12.2018 (in German)

“Detoxing, cleansing, purifying – no matter how we look at it – internally cleaning our body from metabolic waste products and unwanted accumulated toxins has nowadays become a life-enhancing necessity. As long as intercellular spaces and fat tissues still have enough absorption capacity, things usually remain relatively unnoticed. But as soon as even the tiniest amount tips things over, many smaller and bigger issues can suddenly emerge.” “A lot of research has been done on grass juice worldwide. Even back in 1940, Dr. Gruskin listed over 100 illnesses in the American Journal of Surgery, that he managed to improve with the use of chlorophyll – he treated thousands of patients with it. Dr. Yoshehide Hagiwara, a Japanese pharmacist and pioneer in grass juice research, analysed over 150 green plants for their nutritional value and found that particularly grain grasses, such as barley, ancient grain wheat etc. contained the ideal spectrum of active nutrients that are needed for the human body.”

This is what Ms. Kageaki writes. However, these are only a few interesting excerpts, and you can read the full article under the above mentioned link.

Chlorophyll – miracle healer or all-rounder?
An article by Maria Kageaki published in “WA Aktuell” on 10.04.2017 (in German)

A very comprehensive article about grass juice powder and chlorophyll. Ms. Kageaki writes:
“A proper acid-alkaline balance is the basis of a healthy body. For many years, scientists recommended to include more leafy greens in our diets. But how? Most of us still only consume a “homeopathic dosage” of green leaves on the side with lunch…”

Furthermore, she describes in this article why we should prefer grass juice powder over grass powder.
“There are many grass powders on the market, that cannot be compared to grass JUICE powder. Grass powders consist of finely ground dried grasses. In relation to the nutrient content, most of it is fibre. As the nutrients are stored inside the fibre, the grass powder has to be broken down inside the digestive tract first to get to these nutrients. For people with digestive problems this can be a big effort.” “Grass JUICE powder has a much higher nutrient content without any fibre parts, and can therefore be much better utilised by the body. For me it’s like comparing a racing bike with a sports car – both will get you to your destination, but the sports car is much faster.”

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