Grüne Lichtkraft

There are many grass powders and grass juice powders on the market, but we promise you the highest
possible quality. We continue where “organic” ends!

Our grass juice powders made from organic ancient grain wheat and barley are carefully produced with a patented
method in raw food quality – straight from our partner farmers. 
By using fresh, young grasses, we can also guarantee a gluten-free product. Furthermore, it is vegan, halal, and kosher.


170 g Organic Grass JUICE Powder in a jar

Pure Grüne Lichtkraft organic ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder in a jar. The jar is coated with a so-called “sleeve” to ensure optimal light protection for the product. There’s also no need for harmful compounds that would be used with a standard label.

The 170 g jar is ideal for testing the product, or for single persons who only require smaller quantities and want to constantly have fresh powder.

450 g Organic Grass JUICE Powder in the can

Pure Grüne Lichtkraft organic ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder in a can. Here we also use the so-called “sleeve”, to avoid the usage of harmful compounds. The larger 450 g can of grass juice powder has a great price-performance ratio and is perfect for families or anyone wanting to permanently benefit from the amazing properties of Grüne Lichtkraft. There’s no need to worry, as the grass juice powder – when stored correctly – is stable for several months, even once it has been opened.
Of course, the can is made from plastic that does not emit any toxic substances into the product. This type of plastic is also oftentimes used in medical technology.

100 g / 250 pc plant-based Organic Grass JUICE Powder capsules in a jar

Pure Grüne Lichtkraft organic ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder in plant-based capsules.
As the taste of grass juice powder is not everyone’s cup of tea and can require some getting used to, we also offer it in handy capsules. This way you can benefit from the amazing properties of Grüne Lichtkraft without the “grassy” taste.
The capsules are also a great alternative for traveling or a quick fix on the go, as they can simply be swallowed with lots of water instead of having to mix a fresh drink.

Why you will benefit
from our product.

An ideal nutrient supply leads to positive effects on the body’s energy balance, by helping to keep it on a normal, healthy level. With its valuable ingredients, Grüne Lichtkraft can help reach this goal.

As we only use the pure juice of young, fresh grasses and filter out the plant cellulose, hardly any digestive effort is needed for the body to optimally metabolise the grass juice. Furthermore, Grüne Lichtkraft is free from fibre.

For 1 kg of grass juice powder, we use around 33 kg of fresh organic ancient grain wheat and barley grasses. They are carefully pressed right after harvest, and all coarse substances such as the plant cellulose are being filtered out. This way, we only extract the pure plant essence, so only a small quantity is needed for a powerful effect.  

Not only by helping us maintain normal energy levels, Grüne Lichtkraft also makes us feel better by promoting a healthy and balanced mental state. Create each day of your life positively and filled with happiness.

With its abundance in nutrients, Grüne Lichtkraft helps to quickly regulate the acid-alkaline balance in our body in a very natural way. Thanks to the alkaline minerals, acids in the body are being balanced so there are more minerals available for a sufficient nutrient supply.

Our grass juice powders are grown under strict organic conditions, which means that no chemicals can reach the grass during cultivation. During the processing, we also abstain from using any chemical substances or additives.
That way, Grüne Lichtkraft only consists of pure dried juice made from ancient grain wheat and barley grass in its most natural form.

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