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What is the difference between Grass Powder and Grass Juice Powder

We often hear people say: “I’d rather take grass powder, it’s a lot less expensive!” Our response to this is: “It might be, but it is definitely not cheaper.”

What we mean by that, is that the properties and the high concentration of grass juice powder by far surpass any other grass powders, and thanks to its greater value, the cost-benefit ratio is also a lot better in most cases. To prove this, we simply have to take a look at what grass powder actually is. Grass powder is dried and shredded grass – hay, so to speak. However, our human stomach is not made for breaking down the plant cellulose in grass. When consuming it, many nutrients remain locked inside the grasses’ cellulose and are then eliminated during the digestion process.

Grass juice powder is different, as only the pure essence of the grass is used and dried, without any cellulose. That way, our body can get to the contained nutrients much easier and utilise them a lot more efficiently. This makes grass juice powder very easy to digest without putting additional strain on the digestive tract.

To obtain only 1kg of grass juice powder, we use up to 33kg of fresh grasses. This also shows that we can benefit from the positive effects by only taking small quantities, compared to grass powder, where enormous amounts would have to be taken to reach the same effect.    

This way, when looking at the high price of grass juice powder in relation, it is likely a lot lower in most cases.

Of course, we also need to make sure to purchase a high-quality grass juice powder such as Grüne Lichtkraft, as not all grass juice powders are the same, there’s huge differences in quality as well. We can however guarantee that our grass juice powder is of the highest-quality we were able to find so far.