As a small family business in the heart of the beautiful Chiemgau region, we are committed to the beautiful, healthy, sustainable and fair trade concept. This is how the Mayer country store, the department store for body, mind and soul, was created. After we quickly began to produce our own products and create our own brands, we also added some products in the area of ​​nutritional supplements to our range under our own name. We wanted to show that we stand behind these products with our name and that we do so with joy and pride.

For many companies, maximizing profits is the main focus, which often means that the quality of the products suffers. For us, however, the main focus is on making high-quality products accessible to people. We do not compromise on quality or the fair trade concept mentioned above just to make more profit. This means that our products are often not that cheap, but that is precisely the point, because cheap often means poor quality or exploitation, and we do not want to support that. We offer you high quality, justice and truth when you buy our products.

We also followed this principle at Green Light Power.
One day we met Maria Kageaki, who told us about the positive properties of cereal grasses. So we developed a product with her, the Green Light Power.

With Green Light Power, we didn't just want to create any old product to compete in the cereal grass market. As with all our own brands, we only wanted a product of the highest quality. We spent a long time researching and, in collaboration with laboratories, analyzed cereal grass and cereal grass juice powder from all over the world. After numerous analyses, it quickly became clear that we had created what we believed to be the optimal mixture of barley and ancient wheat grass juice powder. So we selected the highest quality powders and Green Light Power was created. (You can find more information about quality and production in the article: "How is Green Light Power actually produced?")
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