• Martha K.

    “Green light power has helped me to find a new attitude to life”

    I am 58 years old and have struggled with severe back problems since childhood due to scoliosis and hyperlordosis. However, when you are young, your body is able to compensate for misalignments to a large extent. The pain was limited. But as you get older, your back pain becomes more and more noticeable and it takes a lot of energy. Constantly giving your body painkillers was never an option for me. I was looking for a way to improve my quality of life. And that's when I came across Green Light Power. I watched various videos on the internet and was very determined. I want to do that too. Without further ado, I decided to order Green Light Power from Landkaufhaus Mayer. I chose the sticks for convenience. Since then, I have been drinking a portion with still water every morning. At first, the taste takes some getting used to, but it becomes more pleasant after a short time. After a few weeks, I noticed how good drinking Green Light Power is for my body. I still have pain, unfortunately no one can take it away from me, but thanks to the green light power I generally have more strength and feel more energetic. This helps me a lot in dealing with my back problems and the pain associated with them.

    For me it's simply an improvement in the quality of life. Almost a new attitude to life.

    Highly recommended, it doesn't take away the pain but it helps to deal with the pain more easily.

  • Christine M.

    Life energy. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of the Green Light Power, and it describes what this grass juice powder gives me. This powder is a great source of energy, especially in the dark winter months when you feel powerless and lacking in energy, have little motivation, and easily become depressed. After taking it, I feel really elated, even when it's cold and rainy. I feel like moving around and am happy about the smallest things - or sometimes just for the sake of it. It feels as if the grass juice is giving the body exactly what it was missing, without you having to decide beforehand. But after just a short time of taking it, the "engine" runs better, faster, more smoothly, and above all with a lot of joy.
    The Green Light Power helps me to stay calm and concentrate even in stressful situations. My workload demands a lot from me, a lot of it is associated with time pressure, and expectations are high. But because my body absorbs important nutrients from the grass juice powder and also gets rid of toxins more quickly, I can concentrate fully on my tasks, feel more resilient and have the impression that I am more productive. My sleep has improved many times over since I started taking it, I sleep well and deeply, wake up refreshed in the morning and start the day full of energy and joy.
    Perhaps the chlorophyll contained in the grass juice powder is the reason why I have become less susceptible to illness and if I do get one, such as a stomach or intestinal virus, I can overcome it more quickly and easily than before. At 47 years of age, my hormones tend to get out of whack, but I hardly notice it because they quickly return to normal thanks to taking the grass juice powder. In general, I have the feeling that taking it supports the body's functionality in every respect so much that it can regulate everything that attacks it almost effortlessly on its own. And like many people, I am exposed to numerous pathogens, environmental toxins, stress, etc. In addition, the simple intake, one teaspoon a day - twice in the case of acute complaints, fits well into my daily routine. So I swear by the Green Light Power and can only recommend it, especially because it uses juice from specially selected grasses to provide nutrients in high concentrations that other powders made from grass cuttings only contain in small quantities. Everyone should really try it, whether with or without symptoms, the effects will not be long in coming.

  • Claudia K.

    “More energy thanks to green light power”

    I have been drinking Green Light Power every day for a few months. At first I drank the recommended amount with a glass of still water after getting up and on an empty stomach, but it took a lot of getting used to. Since I found it hard to get used to it, but after just a few weeks I noticed that I had more energy in everyday life, I tried drinking Green Light Power in a different way. I started mixing the juicy green powder with plant-based milk such as oat milk or almond milk. From time to time I also added a little honey or a banana to give the whole thing a certain sweetness. Green Light Power can be incorporated into your diet in many different ways and easily. Whether with water, milk or even yoghurt! After my 450g can was running low, I decided to order Green Light Power sticks for my next order. Doing something good for your body has never been so easy. Ready-made portions already packaged, also great for on the go!

    A lot is demanded of me both professionally and privately. Shift work in particular, working at inconvenient times and constantly switching from day to night shifts takes a toll on my body. Thanks to Green Light Power, I have found another pillar that helps me master everyday life in every respect.

    Highly recommended! Best quality, which can easily be recognized by the rich color of the green light power.

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