Grass juice – the green elixir of life

An article by Maria Kageaki, published in Paracelsus Magazine: ISSUE 1/2020

" For thousands of years, mystics, alchemists and healers have been searching for the miraculous substance that transforms the body, enables health, increases energy and vitality, promotes calm and vitality and preserves youth. One solution could be chlorophyll-rich juices, which with their abundance of vital substances can restore and maintain the basis for a healthy body, " writes Ms. Kageaki in the article.
She continues: " Surprisingly, green leaves contain all the nutrients we need, namely minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and secondary plant substances, in an optimal composition. Together they have a positive effect on the acid-base balance, promote the oxygen supply in the body and support healthy cell division. All of these are pillars of stable health." However, she criticizes the fact that the amount of chlorophyll we need can never be covered by the "small side salad".

Read what she writes about the effects and intake of grass juices at the link above.

strengthen your immune system

An article by Quell, written by Maria Kageaki, published on 07.02.2020

During the heating season, overheated rooms and air that is far too dry are a challenge. The mucous membranes dry out and make it easy for viruses and bacteria to spread.

In addition to other helpful tips, Ms. Kageaki writes about chlorophyll:
" With an abundance of vital substances, the body is not only armed with a strong protective shield against stress and colds, but the metabolic processes run more smoothly, the body can buffer and excrete acids and you also feel emotionally on the sunny side. "

At the link above you can not only read more about chlorophyll, but also other very good advice on how to boost your immune system.

Holistic treatment of breast cancer

An article by Anita-Juliane Winkler Green (biologist) and Patrick Ehler (healing consultant), published in Paracelsus Magazine: ISSUE 2/2019

" The steadily increasing incidence of breast cancer, especially among younger women, is increasing interest in researching new diagnostic and therapeutic options, but is overshadowing the treatment of the possible underlying causes. " " The conventional, often very aggressive treatment methods, such as chemotherapy, radiation and amputation of the breast (mastectomy), only address the treatment of the lump as a symptom and cannot guarantee a complete cure, " write the two authors.

In addition to many other aspects to consider, Ms. Winkler Green and Mr. Ehler focus on plants and their benefits. Among other things, they demonstrate the positive effects of wheatgrass juice and barley grass juice.
" Fresh foods containing chlorophyll in particular help the body to return to an oxygen-rich "anti-cancer environment. " " This promotes the transport of oxygen in our veins, allows new blood cells to be formed and the blood to be purified. Wheat and barley grass juice, for example, provide large amounts of chlorophyll and high-quality amino acids: just 30 ml contains as many nutrients as 1 kg of green leafy vegetables. "

You can find the entire article and the interesting perspective of both authors at the link above.

Healthy mouth

An article by Quell, written by Maria Kageaki, published on November 16, 2018

" Nature has equipped us with a perfect set of teeth - a masterpiece. Teeth are the hardest substance in our body. When these are attacked, it is often much more than just a local incident. " This is the first sentence in Ms. Kageaki's article in which she provides very helpful information on how to keep your teeth healthy.

" A healthy alkalizer and at the same time a natural magnesium supplier is raw quality grass juice powder. The Green Light Power, which was created based on research and tests for my book "Grass Juice - The Green Elixir of Life", is a spray-dried grass juice, thus free of fiber and is absorbed by the body the fastest. These chlorophyll-rich grass juices are hard to beat in terms of mineral richness and help to restore the optimal environment as quickly as possible. " This is how she writes about the Green Light Power, the mixture of ancient wheat grass juice and barley grass juice powder.

So that your teeth can benefit, read the entire article via the link above and see what other good recommendations Ms. Kageaki has for you.

Detox with the green elixir of life chlorophyll

An article by Maria Kageaki, published on on 20.12.2018

Detoxification, cleansing, detoxing – no matter how you look at it – the internal cleansing of the body of metabolic waste products and unwanted accumulated toxins has now become a question of survival. As long as the intercellular spaces and the fatty tissue still have the capacity to absorb them, everything is mostly relatively undetected. As soon as a tiny amount causes the cup to overflow, there seem to be minor and major ailments in many places. ” “ There is a lot of research into grass juice worldwide. Dr. Gruskin, who in 1940 listed over 100 diseases in the American Journal of Surgery in which he was able to achieve health success with chlorophyll, has treated thousands of patients with it. Dr. Yoshehide Hagiwara, a Japanese pharmacist and pioneer in grass juice research, has analyzed over 150 green plants for their nutrient spectrum and found that cereal grasses such as barley, ancient wheat, etc. offer the optimal range of active nutrients for human requirements.

This is what Ms. Kageaki writes. But these are just a few interesting excerpts; to read the entire article, click on the link above.

Chlorophyll – miracle healer or all-rounder?

An article by Maria Kageaki published in WA Aktuell on 10.04.2017

A very comprehensive article on grass juice powder and chlorophyll. Ms. Kageaki writes:
" The basis of a healthy body is a balanced acid-base balance. For years, scientists have been recommending that we include more green plants in our diet. But how? For many people, it usually remains with the "homeopathic" dose of green leaves at lunch... "

She also writes in the article why it is better to use grass juice powder rather than grass powder.
" There are various grass powders on the market that are not comparable to grass juice powder. In grass powder, the dried grasses are finely ground. The lion's share is made up of fiber in relation to nutrients. Since the nutrients are contained in the fiber, the grass powder must first be broken down in the digestive tract in order to get to the nutrients. For people with digestive problems, this is more of a hassle. " " Grass juice powder has a much higher nutrient concentration without fiber and is utilized much better by the body. For me, it's a bit like comparing a racing bike with a sports car; you can get ahead with both, but the sports car is much faster. "

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