We are often asked why we don't use a glass container for the larger unit of Green Light Power? The answer is quite simple, as glasses of this large size and with our quality requirements are not available as standard. We would have to have them specially manufactured and that would be both ecologically unfavorable and would also be expensive. So we decided to use a plastic container for the larger unit. Of course, we took care not to use just any plastic, but also paid attention to high quality. The container is made of a plastic that is also used in medicine, as it does not contain any harmful substances and therefore does not pass anything on to the product. This plastic is also very easy to recycle, so the ecological balance of the plastic is better than if we had a glass container made.

We are constantly looking for alternatives and we are delighted that there are more and more clever minds who are bringing even more sustainable and ecological packaging to the market. Unfortunately, we have not yet found any that meet our quality criteria. Either they are not airtight enough or they contain plastics that we did not want and the like. If you know of a packaging manufacturer that might be suitable, we would be grateful for any information.

We have so far used a so-called sleeve for the label. This sleeve is a film tube that is put over the product and shrinks with heat and adjusts precisely to the contours of the packaging. This process saves us the harmful composite materials that we would need for a normal adhesive label. In addition, this sleeve can be easily scratched with a knife and then pulled off to be recycled separately from the glass. In addition, this sleeve is more environmentally friendly to produce than many other labels.

We are also often asked why we include this plastic measuring spoon. Unfortunately, the authorities forced us to include this spoon exactly as it is. However, this is of course also made of high-quality plastic and we are trying to find alternatives here too.

So you can be sure that we do not abandon our principles when it comes to packaging and that we pay attention to high quality and ecological compatibility.
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