This is a very important question, because only if everything is done correctly from sowing until it finally reaches you, can the highest possible quality of grass juice powder be achieved.

We are fortunate to have found farmers who produce such a great product as our grass juice powder and who make the most of their cereal grasses from start to finish with love and care for the product.

So it all starts with the selection of the grains from which the grass will later grow. For this, the farmers only use grain that they have produced themselves or grain from other farmers they trust. In our Green Light Power we use ancient wheat and barley grass juice powder. If the quality of the ancient wheat and barley is right, choosing the right field is also crucial. Our farmers only grow on fields that are far away from roads, cities, airports and anything else that could blow pollutants onto the fields. This means that these fields are in the middle of pure nature and the soil is rich in minerals. There is also a protection zone around the fields in which no other field on which pesticides or similar are used may be located. This means we can guarantee the absolute purity of our grass juice powder.

Now the sowing begins. This can only take place in the right weather conditions, which are usually present in spring and autumn. The ancient wheat and barley grass is now allowed to grow to around 10 cm. It is then mown and immediately transported for further processing, which also takes place directly on site on the farm. Because the cereal grass is only allowed to grow to 10 cm, the cereal stalk has not yet formed and therefore no gluten.
During further processing, the fresh barley and ancient wheat grass is first gently juiced and then dried using an extremely gentle patented process. Of course, the whole process takes place under raw food conditions (neither the grass nor the juice gets below 4°C or above 42°C) and in the absence of oxygen in order to preserve the good and healthy ingredients as best as possible.

The dried grass juice is then delivered fresh to us where we then process it into our Green Light Power mixture. For this we only use pure ancient wheat and barley grass juice powder, no additives or anything else. Some people ask us whether we have added salt, for example, because the grass juice powder tastes a bit salty. But that is not the case, the flavors, including the saltiness, come purely from the ingredients that the ancient wheat grass and barley grass have absorbed naturally. The salty taste, for example, comes from the fact that the soil of the fields contains a lot of minerals as well as salt. Depending on the weather conditions and location, the taste can vary slightly or even greatly, as we do not artificially change the product or adapt its taste, but only use the pure natural product.

This means we can guarantee that we deliver the best quality possible. We are delighted with every sale that we have been able to make this great product available to someone else.
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