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How is Grüne Lichtkraft produced?

This is a very important question, as everything – from planting to packaging, until the finished product reaches you – needs to be done just right to obtain the highest quality grass juice powder possible.

We can call ourselves lucky to have found wonderful farmers who can create such great products, like our grass juice powder. They put a lot of love and care into the product from start to finish, making the most out of their precious grain grasses.

Everything starts with the selection of grain seeds, which are used to grow the grasses. Our farmers are only using grains that they produced themselves, or grains from other trusted farmers. For our Grüne Lichtkraft, we are using ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder. Once the quality of the ancient grain wheat and barley is right, it’s also important to pick the right field. Our farmers only grow on fields that are far away from roads, cities, airports and from anything else that could blow harmful substances to their fields. These fields are in the middle of nature with mineral-rich soil. Additionally, the fields have special protection zones around them, in which no other fields can be located that are treated with pesticides. This way, we can guarantee the absolute purity of our grass juice powder.

Then the seeding begins, which can only happen during the right weather conditions that are usually present in spring and autumn. The ancient grain wheat and barley grass is now grown to around 10 cm. Afterwards it is mowed down and immediately transported for further processing, which is also done right on-side on the farm. As the grain grasses are only grown up to 10 cm tall, no straws have developed yet and therefore also no gluten. During further processing, the fresh barley and ancient grain wheat grass juices are first carefully extracted and then dried with a very gentle, patented method. Naturally, all this happens under raw-food conditions (neither the grasses nor the juice is ever under 4°C or above 42°C) and without any oxygen, to best possibly contain all the good and healthy ingredients.

The dried grass juice is then freshly delivered to us, where we then process it into our special Grüne Lichtkraft blend. Therefore we only use the pure ancient grain wheat and barley grass juice powder, no additives at all. Some people have asked us for example, if we added any salt, as the grass juice powder tastes slightly salty. This is not the case, all the flavours, like the saltiness, only come from the ingredients that the ancient grain wheat and barley grasses have absorbed naturally. The soil in our fields contains lots of minerals, salt amongst others, which explains the salty taste of the product. Depending on local weather conditions and location, there can be slight or even high variations in taste, as we do not artificially change the product or its taste – we only use the pure, natural product.

This way we can guarantee to deliver the best possible quality. With every sale we are happy to make this great product available for yet another person.