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How to use Grüne Lichtkraft

Oftentimes we get asked: “How do I take grass juice powder?” Here you will find the answers.

The recommended daily dose of our grass juice powder is 5g. However, many people also report taking more Grüne Lichtkraft, particularly in times where their body is exposed to higher levels of stress or pressure. It is best to take the grass juice powder with a lot of fresh, clear water, as this is the best and fastest way for the body to metabolise it.

Some people simply put the Grüne Lichtkraft powder in their mouth and then wash it down with lots of water. However, the easiest way is to fill ¾ of a glass with water, then add the grass juice powder and give it a strong and thorough stir. This way, the mixture of barley and ancient wheat grass juice powder dissolves nicely in the water and you get an easy to drink, pleasantly tasting and healthy juice. 

As grass juices can lead to quick and oftentimes strong effects, it is best to play around with it a bit in the beginning to test how the body reacts. Accordingly, the quantity can be adjusted and you can start with less and slowly increase it. Any way that feels good for you.

Grüne Lichtkraft has the best effect when taken on an empty stomach, which means either around half an hour before or an hour after a meal. Regarding the time of the day, you can experiment a bit to see when it best fits into your schedule or when it’s digested best. If you take it in the morning, you will notice that you start your day with a lot more energy, in a great mood, which lasts throughout the day. Many people have also reported taking it at night, which gives them a more restful sleep.

Generally speaking, grass juice powders are most likely to have the strongest effect when taken pure with clean water. Additions such as fruit or vegetable juices can potentially weaken the effect due to their contained acids or sugars. However, none of this or anything else that is hard for you to implement, should stop you from taking Grüne Lichtkraft. As we always say: “Technically, it doesn’t matter how, when and where you enjoy Grüne Lichtkraft, as it is still always better to have it, than not taking it at all.”

With this in mind, we wish you a lot of fun trying out our unique grass juice mix and we look forward to hearing your success stories.